Nicky Milligan... Absent Healing

Absent Healing works a little bit like prayer, the Healer focuses positive Healing thoughts onto the patient, often by appointment and also at a set time of day where everyone on the list is thought about. My personal time is 10 pm, every day, for this work.

There has been fairly recent research in the States on people with heart problems... Those who received focused thought like Prayer improved in a measurable way.

If you or someone you know would like Absent Healing just send me the Christian name, where he or she lives and the problem.... Once on the list all Healers who read it will join in the work... and there is no charge for this aspect of Healing.


I am asking for Absent Healing for Michael who is having major surgery tomorrow… he needs all the help we can muster… and also for his friends and family.

Norah from the Gloucester aArea

Request for Absent Healing for Norah who lives in the Gloucester area … has major back problems and is awaiting surgery.

Tim from the Malvern Area

Please send Absent Healing to Tim from the Malvern Area who has very complex medical problems….ASAP .

Anthony from Frampton

Anthony from Frampton has health problems and would welcome healing help please. thankyou

Alison from Cheltenham

Alison from the Cheltenham area who has major Health problems and her friends have asked for help please.

Marie from Gloucester

Please send absent Healing to Marie from Gloucester who is in hospital at present…she has serious health issues…and would like healing help please. 


Please send Absent Healing to Linda who lives down south and has just been diagnosed with lung  cancer…. she would appreciate all the help you can give her Thankyou.

Margaret from Stroud

Margaret and family who are near Stroud have requested Absent Healing for cancer and it’s treatment.

Leslie and Family

please send absent healing to Leslie and family.. from the Gloucester Area… to help them deal with cancer.

Doris Cassen

I have been asked to send Absent Healing for Doris Cassen, currently having chemotherapy ….. please help by passing on this message…

Nick in the Gloucester Area

Please send Absent Healing to Nick and all his family in the Gloucester area. Nick has cancer and they all need help and support. Many thanks.

Toby in the Gloucester Area

Toby would like Absent Healing please….he has a number of health conditions and needs all the help he can have.

Alan in Brockworth

Please send Absent Healing to Alan who has muscular dystrophy and lives in Brockworth. Thankyou.

Terry in Gloucestershire

I have a request for absent healing for Terry from the Gloucester area, now recovering from open heart surgery….and his wife and family  as well. Thankyou.

Rosemary in Stratford

Please send healing and prayers to Rosemary who lives near Stratford. She is gravely ill with terminal cancer ….please think of her family as well.


Healing aims to bring into harmony Mind, Body,and Spirit...