Tales from Old Pound Farm... What my clients are saying about me

I first met Nicky several years ago when she attended my yoga classes. Nicky came with an open mind and was keen to experience the possibilities that yoga could offer. Since then Nicky and I have supported one another. I have benefitted greatly from her experience in Natural Healing - in particular her Reflexology. I feel that this wonderful practice offers the receiver so much, helping to remove anxiety, while creating a feeling of calm and relaxation - leaving you in a quiet place of stillness. Nicky's nursing and natural therapy training allows her to draw on a wealth of experience and offer the best and appropriate therapy to everyone she works with. She is extremely professional, has great empathy and is a warm and supportive listener.


BWY Teacher and AYS Practitioner

I had been visiting Nicky for Healing for a number of years: this helped me enormously to cope with my situation. While my husband Robert was supportive, driving me there he always sat in the car reading a book...he had no desire to see Nicky himself. In 2006 he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour and only given 10 months to live. asked if he would like to see Nicky and without hesitation he said yes. He found great comfort in Healing and it seemed to give him peace of mind, he always looked forwards to Nickys visits. He never felt sorry for himself and seemed to accept his situation and deal with radiotherapy and chemotherapy without complaint. We also had absent Healing together every night and Robert saw all sorts of colours , shapes, and pictures. He always told me what he saw during Healing...and I kept a diary which has been a great comfort to me. Robert also kept a personal diary recording how he felt every day, and I did not read this until after his death. I believe that it was through Healing that we coped with the situation and I think that it prolonged his life...he lived for 17 months which was longer than they predicted. He died very peacefully, with our son and myself there with him.



I have appreciated all the love,support,and healing you have given to me through my journey in the recent few months.Many many thanks.



re our message earlier this week I want to let you that my wife is much better .I am now convinced of the value of Healing and I thank you and the other Healers very much.



Over the last few years Nicky has provided me with a very special range of complimentary and natural healing therapies with unfailing care ...involving Natural Healing, Reiki,Reflexology, and Sound Therapy. She also recently gave me a remarkably detailed and accurate astrological reading.



When I went to see Nicky Milligan I didn't know what to expect. My Dad had been but he hadn't said much. Because I have club feet I have a lot of scars which I don't like being touched, but when Nicky began to massage my feet it didn't bother me. When she started the Reflexology and Healing my feet and hands became tingly, and it started to work up my body. It was a nice feeling and I felt really relaxed, and fell asleep in the car going home.




Healing aims to bring into harmony Mind, Body,and Spirit...