Kapaalbhati Pranayam is called ‘The King of Pranayam’

You will be amazed with the benefits of this Pranayam;

-It is very helpful in burning excess fat.

-It is very helpful in regulating your blood sugar levels and thus keeps diabetes in check.

-It is found to be very effective in clearing heart blockages in people suffering from arteriosclerosis.

-It maintains the health of your liver.

-It helps in getting rid of constipation.

-It is even observed that a regular practice of this Pranayam cures Hepatitis.

-It reduces the amount of phlegm in your body and is also very helpful for patients suffering from Asthma.

-It is very helpful for people suffering from pollen and dust allergies.

-It is observed that a regular practice of this Pranayam reduces the size of Tumors and cysts in the body. (There have been many cases where patients have reported that their tumors have completely dissolved due to a regular and disciplined practice of this Pranayam.)

-In women it is found to cure any uterine ailments.

-It is even found to be extremely effective in curing skin diseases.

-It is very effective in curing diseases of the throat.

-It brings a peculiar glow to the aura of the practitioner.


Here is how to perform this Pranayam-

Kapaalbhati Pranayam



Sit in Sukhasan and form the dnyanamudra with your hands and place them on your knees with your palms facing upwards.

Close your eyes.

Then, exhale quickly in a single stroke/movement. Your lungs will contract in that moment and your stomach will be sucked in.

Don’t inhale purposefully; once you exhale rapidly inhaling will happen as a reflex.

Keep repeating the exhaling action and with every breath that comes out visualize every impurity within, every toxic matter and each negative thought is being thrown out of your body.



Practice this Pranayam for 4-5 minutes in the start,
but with regular practice gradually increase the duration to 12-15 minutes.


Word of caution-

People suffering from back pain and waist pain should perform the exhaling motion a bit slowly.
People suffering with Heart diseases should perform the exhaling motion slowly.
Pregnant women should NOT practice this Pranayam.


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