Fountain International Magazine and Newsletter. A spiritually born enterprise, that is a spiritually led project. Both of the publications are free, (although donations are gratefully received for running costs.) Our remit covers such things as Earth Energies, Sacred Sites, Various forms of Healing and Spiritual Matters, and much more. Take a peek, we are not the norm of spiritual magazines, and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised. For me as the Producer/Editor, it’s not so much about the topic, but more about the intuition of the authors and the energy that comes through them and placed in the Magazine. In a sense I just provide a platform, and I am happy to receive a submissions from anyone, so long as it fits our criteria. Whether it be an article, picture, photo, poem, observation or experience, etc, etc. If you feel drawn, why not get involved! At present the Magazine comes our four times a year. 21st March, June, September and December. Normally around 40 pages. Obtainable from the website Back issues are available on sit

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Healing aims to bring into harmony Mind, Body,and Spirit...