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January 28/29 Tarot test and workshop….closed group.
Febuary 12 Gathering at Minsterworth,2 pm onwards,bring and share
Indulgences to celebrate the growing light.No charge.
March 4/5 workshop on the Kabbalah with Georgina Armstrong Sirrett Smith.
Who will also be available for readings.Contact me for details.
April. 22 Val Fillery will be available to give auric readings,book your place
23 Val will giving a workshop in her series of “Cosmic Awareness”
10 /4pm ish,bring and share lunch,cost £35 which includes a
Superb handout to add to her library of handouts !
May 6/7 Transit readings with Georgina….she will be available for personal
Readings as well. The Transit workshop is closed.
June 11 Meet your Meridians with Justine Johnson,who is a practitioner of
Donna Eden,s Energy Medicine.This will be mega interesting ! Cost
£30 ,bring and share lunch,10/4 pm ish.
July 9 Part 1 of ” Exploring the world of Runes ” with Teagan Craig.We are
Invited to the home of the Runemaster in Glastonbury to make our
Own individual set to work with.Contact me for details of going there.
August 20 Runes part 2 in which we will start learning and working with our
Runes with Teagan.10/5 pm ish,bring and share lunch.
September 30 / October 1 Finding the Diana Goddess energy within us…with
Georgina who will be exploring links with Myth and Legend. 10/4.30
Bring and share lunch.
October 22 Part 3 of the Runes series….completing the exploration of our own
Individual set of Runes.10/5 pm,bring and share lunch.
Each Rune workshop costs £35.
November 25/26 Finding the Vesta Goddess energy within us,linking with Myth
And Legend…with Georgina.10/4.30 ,bring and share lunch
December 3 Pre Solstice Gathering at Minsterworth from 2 pm onwards.It s not
Long untill the light grows again,so it’s bring and share indulgent tea
Time goodies ! no charge.
Please contact me to let me know you are coming along and to confirm prices and other arrangements.Unless otherwise stated workshops are open so feel free to let friends know about what’s on.Space is a bit limited so booking is essential.
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