Meet your Heart Chakra….Advait

I met John in an internet forum.

The forum is dedicated to Meditation and Spirituality.

After talking to me for a few days, John decided to
enroll in my Chakra Awakening Program.

The 5th day of the program focused on Heart Chakra

The meditation module of the program consists of
‘Rang Chikitsa’ (Healing through Colour), incorporated
within the meditation videos.

When John sat for meditation, his experience during the
initial half was normal.

Once he was in a deep meditative state,
he felt the point on his chest, where the Heart Chakra
is located, heating up.

It wasn’t hurting, just making it’s presence felt.

Then this heat started to rise up slowly.

Slowly the heat crawled up his chest and reached his
collar bones.

When the heat rose and reached the base of his neck,
he started to hear the sound of burning-crackling wood,
as if he was sitting near a bonfire or a fireplace.

John remained in this state for a few minutes.

Once the sound stopped and the heat dissipated, John
concluded the meditation.
What was happening here, was a confluence of John’s physical
consciousness and sub-consciousness and their interpretation of
the movement of energy at his Heart Chakra.

Whenever arousal of energy happens, there is some sort
of movement of energy.

And, with this movement of energy, there can be
experiences at the physical, emotional and mental

These experiences occur when the energy is moving
through the subtle body meridians.

When this moving energy encounters any resistance
or block, the energy pushes through.

This force applied by the energy is manifested
in physical form, in John’s case, in form
of the heat he experienced rising up his chest.
But, what about the sound of burning wood John heard?

I will tell you the reason behind it Tomorrow.

Today’s email is about the Heart Chakra. (Hint. Hint.)
When our Heart Chakra is blocked or weak;

we tend to sabotage your relationships with feelings
of distrust and anger.

We feel as if we’ll lose our independence if we rely
or trust others.

We constantly struggle with commitment, and have
frequent fights and misunderstandings with our loved ones.

And we always tend to keep ourselves “on guard”,
since we fear to get hurt by someone.

We simply forget how to enjoy our lives…
And, when we awaken our Heart Chakra energy,
the transformation that happens, is astounding.

It is like a beautiful butterfly coming out of a cocoon,
ready to experience life… ready to fly…

After awakening and strengthening your Heart Chakra;

you will enjoy comfortable and loving relationships
at home, at work and in your community.

You will feel compassion for everyone around you.

You will discover true love, since the fear of rejection
would altogether vanish from your life.

You will be able to love and appreciate yourself
for who you are.

All the relationships you will have, will be well
balanced and passionate.

And most important,
You’ll have the understanding and courage to say ‘No’.
Trust in the healing power of Love…..
Listen to what Dan Ariely (author of ‘Predictably Irrational’) has to say:

(Read further only after you have watched the video)

Physical effects of Heart Chakra Imbalance and Weakness:

If your Heart Chakra is closed, weak or out of balance, its physical effects
will manifest as Heart disorders, respiratory system disorders, fear & anxiety issues.

Heart disorders in America costs the society around $1 Billion PER DAY i.e. in excess of $360 Billion per year,
while an individual suffering from heart disease needs medicines that cost upward of $500 per month.

24 million adults in America alone suffer from respiratory disorders costing the affected individual upward of
$5000 per year in medications.
Let’s get down to the Heart Chakra exercises:

Locating the Heart Chakra-

– Stand up straight.
– Place the Little finger of your dominant hand on your Navel.
– Stretch your hand and go one full hand measure upwards.
– Locate the point where the tip of your Thumb is touching.
– This is the Location of your Heart Chakra. (Anahat Chakra)

Exercise #1
Hand Raised Bellow Breath
Sit in Sukhasana.

Join your palms together in such a way that the tip of the fingers on your right hand are touching the base of the fingers of your left hand. (refer image)

Now raise both your hands to the left and move it slightly upwards. (refer image)

do NOT turn your torso when you turn your hands.

Frimly contract your stomach and then take a deep breath through your nose. (Do not let your stomach expand)

Then exhale rapidly through your mouth.

Remaining in this twisted position, perform the breathing method (deep inhale through nose and quick exhale through mouth) for 3 minutes or for as long as you could comfortably hold up your hands.
After you do this exercise, pay attention at what you are feeling along your spine at the location of your Heart Chakra, many of you will be feeling slight discomfort, even slight pain. This is a good sign.
You are feeling the nerve endings, where your 3 Nadi’s have crossed at the location of Anahat.
Exercise #2
Anahat Chakra Mudra

This Mudra is to be performed sitting down or in a chair.
Be seated comfortably in an upright posture and concentrate on your breathing to relax.
Place the right Ring finger on the web between the Index and Middle finger of the left hand.
Place the left Ring finger on the web between the Index and Middle finger of the right hand.
Curl down both the middle fingers to wrap and press down the respective Ring fingers of the opposite hands.
Now join the tips of both the Index and Little fingers together, outstretch them and press slightly.
Then join the tips of both the Thumbs together, outstretch them and press slightly.
This Mudra is to be held in front of your chest.

Practice this Mudra for 10-12 minutes.

Stay Healthy,

P.S.- On Tuesday you’ll receive the email with ‘Throat Chakra’ info.
Till then…
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