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Old Woman Speaks

Today out of the blue my fingers were itching to write, I didn’t know what and then this came out. The Old Lady was back with her conversations with the Young Girl. I said to my mom, “I thought the Old Woman had gone away for good.” My mom replied, “No girl, she was just resting for awhile.”

Enjoy. People have asked if they have permission to share – of course I am sure the Old Woman would be happy to have you share her words.


Old Woman, Young Girl.
Young girl: if the mother is so loving why is she destroying the Earth and her people?
Old Woman: Who said she is destroying anything, maybe she is building.
Young girl: but there is a lot of suffering old woman because the winds are howling and her waters are rising.
Old Woman: Maybe this is just the sound of a woman giving birthing
Young girl: That does not make any sense to me old woman. There is no birth just destruction.
Old Woman: Smiling. Girl when you can learn to see the dance of life, birth and death then maybe you will understand that even you are shifting like the wind, flowing like the water, dancing like the fire, still like earth, and expansive like space. You are always arising and becoming Girl.
Young girl: You are getting of track from the main point.
Old Woman: No girl, you are just blind
Young Girl: No need to insult Old Woman
Old Woman: Laughing: I do not insult, I merely speak what is true. When your eyes are open you will not see destruction, you will merely see the changing of the seasons, the rising of the sun and the turning of Mother’s spinning wheel.
Young girl: Old Woman, what does all of this talk mean?
Old Woman: Laughing harder now. Girl one day you will know the joys of Mother’s ways. I must go now and help her, she is in labor, as you can hear.
(words by Yeye Omi. Photo of Sansbush Woman with young child. Photographer Martin Harvey Production)


Thank you Mother Waters,
and Air

I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you Mother Waters, Fire, Air and Fire.







YeyeOsun, Asheville, Asheville, NC 28806
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