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Hullo,this is just a reminder about my Gathering on Feb 18 from 2 pm onwards.
It has the usual formula…..bring and share rather wicked cakes or biccies….there will be some here anyway and tea,herbals,or whatever.Its near to Imbolc so we can honour the coming of Spring and the increasing light by feasting ! Please let me know if you can come and join in….if you need details about parking etc Just contact me.
I am also reminding people about “Spring Cleaning “on March 18 with Mandy Parker who runs the colonic clinic in Gloucester.She is an expert on the gut biome and how it affects our health…..its relatively new in the medical field and very important.In case you are concerned about it she is NOT giving a demo !
Please contact me to book a place on this day….all other details are on the newsletter I sent out earlier.Let me know if you want me to send that email again.
I look forwards to hearing from you
Best wishes
Nicky 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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