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A Hathor Planetary Meditation
Through Tom Kenyon


In this message we wish to share with you a simple but highly effective method for accessing the quantum potentials of your body. This technique allows you to draw upon life-enhancing subtle energies from other dimensions of consciousness.


Trilliums are quantum field-effects that are created whenever two subatomic particles join together.

As atoms begin to form from the bonding of subatomic particles, these quantum field- effects are amplified.

As atoms then join to create complex molecules, the quantum field-effects become much more intricate and intensified.

From this perspective your physical body is an intricately choreographed generator of interlocking and interacting quantum field-effects that arise spontaneously from the cells of your body.

These cellular quantum field-effects tend to evolve into exquisitely coordinated quantum attractors that draw into the cells of your body subtle energies from your environment. This process unfolds whether you are aware of it or not. It is an automatic and reflexive action of the cellular matrix you refer to as your body.

There are several oddities about Trilliums. One of these is a conundrum as to their nature. They operate independently of your own conscious awareness yet they are deeply affected by your deepest core beliefs about the nature of reality. In other words, Trilliums are programmed—at the quantum level—by the unfathomable and enigmatic interface between consciousness and matter.

Two individuals living in the same environment can draw to themselves vastly different subtle energies based on their core beliefs. These differences could then significantly affect both their perceptions of “reality” (and what they deemed to be possible), as well as what they might actually be able to accomplish within those perceived “realities.”

While Trilliums unquestionably operate automatically, based on what they have been programmed to attract, they are also quite easily affected by your focused intent.

In other words, you can affect what subtle energies are drawn to you through the use of your own powers of conscious focused intention.

The value of working with Trilliums is that you can draw to yourself restorative and balancing energies from other levels of the Cosmos.

This means you are not confined to drawing sustenance and uplifting energies solely from the physical dimension that your physical body happens to reside in.

The ability of Trilliums to attract sustenance and beneficial subtle energies from other dimensions beyond the physical planet is precisely why we are sharing this information with you at this time.

Planetary Changes

In previous planetary messages we have addressed various ecological issues facing your planet. And for a deeper context for this message we strongly suggest you read a previous communication entitled Spatial Cognizance. (Note: You can locate this in the Hathor section on our website,

In that message we gave some predictions regarding trends within your Earth’s ecosystem—specifically what ecological scientists refer to as the Sixth Mass Extinction.

When we speak about the Sixth Mass Extinction we are referencing the fact that large numbers of plant and animal species have disappeared from this planet during five previous distinct epochs.

From our perspective, and from the perspective of many ecological scientists, you are clearly entering the Sixth Mass Extinction.

Having said this, let us clarify that while the Sixth Mass Extinction is a probability in your timeline, it is not a certainty as the course of all events can be altered at the last moment. If, however, humanity does not change its relationship to nature and Earth’s ecosystem, the Sixth Mass Extinction will proceed unabated.

The Sixth Mass Extinction does not mean that all of humanity will be destroyed, but it does mean that a vast majority of humankind will be affected.

Our sense is that the next twenty-five years will usher in a rapid and radical transformation of your planet and therefore your collective consciousness.

The intensity of storms across the globe will increase, making them more and more destructive. Ocean levels will rise more rapidly than anticipated. And those living in low-lying coastal areas may find themselves having to migrate inland sooner than predicted by your scientists.

All of these ecological changes are creating immense survival stresses in wildlife and in all botanical life forms such as trees and diatoms, tiny microorganisms in your world’s oceans. Together with trees, diatoms and other phytoplankton organisms are responsible for creating much of Earth’s usable oxygen.

The vast tree reserves of Earth are threatened by over forestation and both trees and phytoplankton organisms are being negatively affected by both climate change and an increase in worldwide toxicity that is being generated by your modern technologies. The oceans are becoming over-acidified, and this is wrecking havoc on both oceanic and land-based life forms.

If the Sixth Mass Extinction continues unaltered then the majority of humanity will become a part of Earth’s history. Those pockets of humanity that manage to survive will be a different order of being. They will be stewards of nature rather than dominators, and a collective understanding of a need for cooperation will be etched in everyone’s consciousness.

The divisions between people, in terms of culture and religion, will be far less important than they are now. This will be due to the fact that, in order to survive, humans will have to put their differences aside and find new common ground (by the way, we mean this both figuratively and literally).

This new order of human being will also be more permeable and open to other dimensions of consciousness.

This means that future humans will have direct conscious contact with other beings who are galactic and intergalactic in nature (i.e. aliens) as well as non-corporeal intelligences, such as angels and other energy-beings.

By the end of this next quarter century, a growing percentage of humanity will undertake galactic exploration, and humanity will also become a space ferrying civilization.

It will be an odd time to be alive, for sure, as some human beings attempt to escape Earth’s dire ecological changes. At the same time, there will be others who remain committed to living earthbound lives, and this new order of humans will find new creative ways both to survive and to thrive. These novel ways of interacting with a changing Earth will include whole new classes of foods and medicines that have not yet been created.

Returning our focus to the next twenty-five years, there will inevitably be food shortages, as well as shortages of water throughout parts of the world due to changes in climate,

Due to stresses on all biological systems and as a result of the deterioration in both water and air quality, your sources of food, hydration and oxygenation will be steadily depleted of vitality.

In other words, it will be increasingly difficult to extract nutrients and sustenance from the Earth environment that humanity has relied upon for thousands of years.

Trilliums as a source of other worldly sustenance

Trilliums are a means for you to tap into sources of sustenance that reside in other dimensions of existence outside of Earth’s current reality. And they are a means to bring into the cells of your body a type of nourishment and benevolent energies that can strengthen you. Interestingly, this type of subtle energy can take many forms, including manna, an edible food source, discussed in both the Old Testament and the Quran, that has otherworldly origins.

Mastery of your Trilliums is a very good skill set to have as you enter more deeply into the chaotic nature of planetary transformation that lies before you.

The most difficult thing about Trilliums is their simplicity. You do not “DO” anything to activate them as they are active 24 hours a day. All you need do is to qualify the energies you draw to yourself, and this is accomplished simply through holding a focused intention.

If for instance, you need more vitality or perhaps restorative/healing energies, enter a relaxed state of mind and become aware of your entire body with the understanding that every cell is a quantum attractor. As soon as you engage your chosen intention, the Trilliums within your body will begin to draw to themselves energies from other dimensions of the Cosmos. When your mind wanders, simply bring it back to an awareness of your body and your chosen intention—with the understanding that this simple act of focused intention will engage your Trilliums.

We encourage you to experiment with drawing to yourself many different types of positive life-enhancing subtle energies you wish to experience in the cellular matrix that is your body. The types of qualified energies you can draw to yourself through your Trilliums are virtually endless.

You will be much more effective in accessing the potentials of Trilliums if you enter an altered state of consciousness since this ability is outside the domain of normal human perception.

We have created The Trillium Sound Meditation to assist you in the task of shifting your perceptual reality, and a link to this audio file appears at the very end of this message.

To engage the potentials of The Trillium Sound Meditation, all you have to do is rest your awareness in your body as you listen to and relax into the sound codes of the sound meditation. Then focus on your chosen intention with the knowledge that by doing so, you activate the Trilliums within you. By their very nature, your Trilliums will begin to draw into your body subtle energies from other dimensions of consciousness according to the nature of your focused intention.

Activation of your Trilliums will be much more effective and powerful if you also enter into a coherent emotional state such as appreciation or gratitude as you engage the sound meditation.

Rather than explain why this is so, we would refer you to a previous Hathor message entitled, The Multiverse Sound Meditation, which you can find in the Hathor section of the website (

We wish you great success in your explorations with Trilliums. It is, we believe, the greatest gift we can give you at this time.

May this knowledge be a blessing to you and your loved ones—as well as a benefit to all sentient beings—as all of you collectively cross the threshold into greater planetary uncertainty.

The Hathors
September 21, 2018

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

Since the Hathors began their communication referencing a previous message of theirs, entitled Spatial Cognizance, I would like to begin my comments with the very first sentence of that message:

“Your world is in the midst of an immense metamorphosis.”

I personally find the word metamorphosis to be particularly appropriate as the term is used to denote transformation or to change shape.

A cursory historical glance at life on Earth will clearly reveal that we are in the midst of a radical transformation. And the shape of life (meaning how we live life) is unquestionably changing. Part of this change is that as a world culture we are becoming psychologically more and more disconnected from nature. The effects of this disconnect from our natural origins are contributing to a collective disregard for nature with ominous consequences for all biological life (ourselves included) unless we radically change our social attitudes and behaviors in relationship to nature.

I am not going discuss the Hathors’ predictions regarding Earth’s near future as their comments are self-explanatory and to-the-point.

In regard to their predictions, I am reminded of a comment that has been tossed about in the self-improvement sub-culture for sometime now: “The truth will set you free, but first it might piss you off.”

I think there is a lot of truth in that statement when it comes to recognizing any pattern whether it be a personal psychological tendency, a social norm or our current quagmire in relation to Earth’s rapidly changing ecosystem.

The Hathors were clear with me from the very start of their communications, back in the late 1980’s, that the events or external situations in life are not as important, in terms of spiritual evolution, as the internal choices we make.

Their position is that the choices we make in relation to life’s various challenges will shape the deeper levels of our consciousness, and these internal attributes will determine where we wind up in subsequent incarnations. In other words, our choice-making in relation to our current life will directly affect the quality of our experience, as well as the opportunities afforded us in other life-times, regardless of whether they are experienced somewhere in the worlds of matter or in the realms of light.

Thus, from this perspective, our modern life with its attendant uncertainty and chaos offers us an unprecedented opportunity to move upward in consciousness at a very rapid rate—if we but choose to make those choices that reinforce the upward thrust of our consciousness.

With that focus in mind, I would like to point out a few things regarding the Hathors’ introduction of Trilliums.

First of all, there is a genus of perennial flowering plant called Trillium, but this bears no direct relationship to the Hathors’ term—other than the fact that these plants have quantum attractors, as do all biological organisms.

There are some salient points to consider when undertaking this work. The Hathors strongly suggest that you enter into a coherent emotion when you engage your Trilliums. Since receiving the Trillium information in preparation for the last Hathor event, I have worked with Trilliums in many different ways and in various situations.  And I can say, from personal experience, that my Trilliums are greatly enhanced when I am in a coherent emotion.

Most of us live in various emotional niches based on what we are experiencing in the moment. If you happen to be experiencing yourself and the world from the standpoint of an incoherent emotion (such as fear, hostility, sadness or the many other forms of emotional incoherency we humans seem subject to), you may find it difficult to engage your Trilliums properly. And, as a result, you will be unable to draw to yourself restorative energies from the Cosmos as intended.

So the first step when engaging Trilliums is to honestly assess yourself to determine where you are emotionally.

This self-assessment is, by the way, based on pragmatism and has nothing to do with self-criticism. By our natures, most of us are subject to all types of incoherent emotions, and the rapid changes in our world certainly contribute to increased incoherency in many cases.

Our task is to recognize what state we are in, and if it is an incoherent one (i.e., negative), find a way to move into a coherent state. The Hathors addressed how to do this in one of their previous messages entitled, The Multiverse Sound Meditation. In that communication a method for moving into a coherent emotional state, at will, was discussed. You can also find that method described, in more detail, by going to the Articles section of the website and click on the title Appreciation and Gratitude: A Basic Primer.

The second and last point I wish to make in regard to Trilliums is that drawing in restorative energies to yourself using this method is essentially a passive state. You don’t “DO” anything to activate your Trilliums since they are always drawing energies to themselves and into the cells of your body from your environment.

To be effective in this work, all you do is hold the thought-form or intention of what energies you wish to draw into your body. This is not done through concentration, which would be counterproductive at best. The reason for this is that concentration creates a type of mental tension, and Trilliums are best activated when the mind is at ease and simply holds an intention gently in place.

Ironically the simplicity of engaging Trilliums is probably the most difficult part of this. Most of us are used to working hard to make something happen. But when it comes to subtle energies (like Trilliums) the less effort you use, the better the outcome.

Note: An excerpt from the Trillium Sound Meditation that was first introduced at the last Hathor workshop in 2018 has been posted in the Listening section. This sound field is very helpful when working with Trilliums and is being made available, free of charge, for your personal use. You can find a link to this audio file at the end of my comments.

This sound piece is 5:53 minutes in length. Having worked with this shortened version, I can say that it is more than enough time to activate Trilliums per the Hathors’ instructions. For those of you wish to stay in the receptivity of your Trilliums, you can always hit repeat to extend your listening time.

Those of you familiar with my previous recordings might recognize the foundation tracks for The Trillium Sound Meditation from the Worlds Ascending track, which first appeared in the CD Ascension Codes. What’s different about this track is that higher dimensional Hathors—known as the Aethos—sing on top of the original recording, which makes it quite unusual acoustically and energetically speaking.

The Trillium Sound Meditation is located in the Listening section at If you received this message from us, you can click on the link below, and you will be taken to the Listening section agreement page. Once you accept the listening terms you will have immediate access to a plethora of sound meditations, lectures as well as interviews, all of which can be listened to and/or downloaded for your own personal use. Just scroll down the queue until you find the title Trillium Sound Meditation Excerpt.

Click here to listen to and/or download The Trillium Sound Meditation.

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You may share this message in any media or format so long as you do not charge for it, do not alter its content and credit the author, as well as including this entire copyright notice. Please note that this permission applies only to the written message and not the sound meditation.

Information Not Directly Related to This Message

The workshop recordings from the last Hathor workshop, The Art of Psycho-navigating Spatial Cognizance, are now available as CDs or mp3s. The title of the workshop set is Multiverse, which you can locate in the Store at This set of recordings includes the complete Trillium Sound Meditation.

In addition, the rather extensive class handouts for that workshop have been posted in the Articles section. This manual includes more information about Trilliums as well as the context in which they were presented. To locate this material, go to the Articles section of the website and look for the title The Art of Psycho-navigating Spatial Cognizance.

Scientific information about our changing planet:

Note: After receiving this particular Hathor message, I did a bit of investigation into current environmental studies and decided to share four (4) different articles. In deference to those of you who may wish to avoid information that you might find emotionally disturbing, I do not suggest reading theses articles as they paint a dire picture of our planet’s ecosystem.

Carl Edward Rasmussen from the University of Cambridge posted a short, lay person friendly, article about climate change on Sept 14, 2018. The title is ironic: Is Paris 2015 Already Underwater?  This post has been picked up by several different alternative new sources. Here is one of many links to this article:

An article in Scientific American about the plight of Orca Whales throughout the globe addresses the effects of oceanic pollution. You can read this article by going to the link:

An article released by the World Watch Institute addresses some of the significant changes in the Antarctic Environment. You can read this article by going to:

On July 27, 2018 the US Congressional Service released a report titled Changes in the Arctic: Background and Issues for Congress. This is an extensive study that discusses many of the challenges and opportunities in the Arctic environment.

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