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It’s a quiet month for butterflies and moths with most species tucked away as a caterpillar or chrysalis for the winter; a few will remain in their adult form and enter a state of dormancy to survive the cold. You may see them flying, in search of food, on warmer days. In this month’s blog the Secret Gardener recommends flowers that provide nectar at this time of year. You can also discover what to do if hibernating butterflies find their way into your house and the central heating tricks them into thinking spring has arrived early.

A Closer Look At Climate Change

Sir David Attenborough spoke this week at the United Nations Climate Change Summit in Poland, warning that time is running out. He said: “If we don’t take action, the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon.”

Butterflies and moths are particularly sensitive to changes in their environment. They react faster than larger animals, which makes them good indicators, providing an early warning that something is amiss.

Five species of butterfly and more than 50 moths have become extinct in the UK in the last 150 years and most remaining species are in decline.


Is climate change to blame?

Dig it: Esteemed Evergreen 

‘Tis the season to be jolly but if you have plans to deck the halls with boughs of Holly, make sure you leave plenty on the bush.

Evergreen foliage has been brought inside in winter and used as decorations for centuries. Keeping with tradition is probably the most environmentally friendly way to adorn your house this Christmas but remember that evergreens are important for wildlife too.

In this month’s blog the Secret Gardener reminds us which butterflies and moths rely on Holly, ivy and pine and why it’s worth growing evergreen shrubs in your garden.

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Hibernating Butterflies

December Moth

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Species images: Sir David Attenborough (Jim Asher), Holly Blue (Tim Melling), Dormant Peacock (Rich Andrews), December Moth (Sue Davies), Purple Hairstreak (Jim Asher).

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