Meeting Lilith,the Dark Goddess.

Last weekend Georgina introduced us to Lilith….the Dark Goddess…so called because the story goes that she was cast out of the Garden of Eden.It seems that Adam bored her to distraction and she left looking for adventure….leaving the field open for Eve who was created from Adams rib and thus attached in what might be called a very permanent and subservient role.

The asteroid Lilith is found in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter…and takes 4 years to orbit the sun.Some of the key words associated with her are…rebellion,exile,freedom,impulsive,and equality.She is also associated with Black Moon Lilith and Dark Moon Lilith.The information linked with Astrological information from previous workshops.

The food was pretty impressive as well!

If you want to know more….and there is lots to know believe me…. contact Georgina Sirrett-Armstrong-Smith of Sunflower


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