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Justine Johnson will be giving another very informative workshop on The
Five Elements…..These connect the wisdom of an ancient healing system to
Today.Why do we respond as we do to certain situations….and more.
The Five Elements system helps us to understand ourselves and our relationships to others .We all contain these elements but in our individual ways and proportions
10/4 pm…..bring and share lunch…£30
Please contact me to book a place ASAP.

APRIL 14.…Beltane celebration time…I know it’s early but we can still celebrate !

The day starts with LORRAINE and TERRY SIMMONDS coming to talk about their work….for those of you who remember Elizabeth Shaw ,you will be delighted to know that she was LORRAINE’s mentor and friend ….so it will be a very interesting gathering.11 am….£5…
After that we will have a bring and share lunch and prepare the Beltane space for our celebration.Please bring anything associated with spring that you would like to be included….no charge.
Please also confirm that you are coming..unless of course you have already done so.

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