The Chinese Five Elements Workshop 7/4/19

Justine Johnson came along this weekend to teach us about The Five Elements…The Tao…Yin and Yang …and how they all relate with each other ,to the elements…and us. We did a lot of work looking at how it all applied to us individually as well….and it was scarily accurate !

Justine is an excellent teacher….and can be contacted via myself  or Messenger.To end the day we were sent some Chinese wisdom from Professor Tang ,courtesy of Rod Benham.

dont rush anything

do not assume anything

never take anything for granted

never be frightened if anything …fear holds you back from achieving things

the health of your body is governed by your mind

the sun will make you focus

the rain will cleanse the body and mind

the cold will make you focus

we even had homework..a Paint Your Own Mug each to decorate with ideas from the the day ! Oh….and the food was good as well…always important !

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