Our Medieval Summer..

To: nicky milligan <nicky.milligan.healing@gmail.com>
Subject: Medieval Medicine….May 26…10/4pm…contact me for more details.

The Medieval period was one of massive progress ( for the time ) in medicine …treatments… new ideas and innovations…hospitals..

This workshop will be discovering and investigating what went on in this period. I have seen blood vessels of the period beautifully dissected and mounted…with no heart because no one then realised how important it was and only found out what it actually did much later.Leeches are used today …and were used back then….to help with bleeding….and there are many other interesting things to look at.
You will be relieved to know that we will NOT be doing practical work based on any of the above….but later on we will be making salves/ ointments etc with Jane Lawson ( June 16)and¬†Looking at Medical Astrology with Georgina Sirret-Armstrong-Smith (June30 ) and learn about some of the symbols that are still used today.

And other surprising things as well….this is a Medieval summer!

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