Last weekend we were treated to a fabulous workshop by Georgina Sirrett-Armstrong – Smith (from Sunflower Healing in Glastonbury) on Chinese Astrology. Georgina is a well known Karmic Astrologer in her own right and this was a fairly new venture to widen our horizons ( which it certainly did ! ) The only similarity between western and Chinese astrology is that both systems are based on date and time of birth….and both systems have 12 signs…the western system uses planets and constellations whereas the Chinese system uses animals..and we learned more about those,eg the Dog is lovely,honest,and prudent,the Monkey is sharp,smart,and curious.The Chinese system is calculated on a yearly basis,whereas ours corresponds with months.
There is too much material to share here but you could always contact Georgina via her website or Facebook and book the workshop for yourselves …it’s well worth it.
Next year Georgina will be running her western astrology course here…it will be every few months and therefore run until 2023….if you are interested I suggest that you contact Georgina or myself for further details.

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