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The Omnipresent fruit of Indian Culture: Banana

– Every ritual in India, may it be holy, religious or social, needs bananas. May it be birth, marriage, inauguration or even death, banana is required. If not the fruit then either its leaf or its whole trunk is required.

– Its botanical name, Musa Sapientum, translates to ‘Wise men’s food’.

– Nutrition science considers banana as a ‘complete food’. It has sufficient amounts of calories, proteins, calcium, iron and potassium, along with high amounts of dietary fiber.

– To top that it has a high ‘Satiety’ value. To explain simply, it provides satisfaction to the one who consumes it.

– Potassium and Iron present in a banana are very easily absorbed by the human body as compared to other food products who have the same amount of those nutrients.

– Banana has a fat content of only 0.3 gms, per 100 gm of fruit. Thus making it an essential ingredient of any fat-loss diet.

– Banana, its roots, its trunk as well as its leaves are used in various Ayurvedic medicines.

– In case of itching, take a tbsn of mashed banana, add 3-4 drops of fresh lemon juice to it, mix well and apply on the affected area of the skin. You will find instant relief.

– In case of mild burns, simply applying mashed banana on the affected part provides relief.

– People suffering from low hemoglobin levels, should include banana in their meals.

– Ayurveda calls banana as, ‘Arogya-Vardhak’ one which provides good health, ‘Shakti-Vardhak’ one which provides energy and ‘Tarunya-Prad’ one which preserves youth.

– Every intestinal and digestive disorder can be prevented by a regular consumption of banana.

– To add to it, consuming bananas puts your metabolism in the top gear.

– It is stated in Ayurveda that ‘If one includes bananas in his/her regular diet, that person prevents the occurrence of arthritis, gout, anemia, kidney disorders and allergies’.

– Consuming banana is also helpful for maintaining our oral health.

– It is very helpful in removing the post-digestion toxins from the intestine.

– It is also a widely suggested food in cases of bladder disorders.

– It is easily available, reasonably priced and has a good taste, no reason to stay away from. Have atleast one banana throughout the day today. 🙂

Last month I published my book, “Meditation for Awakening Chakras”.
I also notified you all when it was available for free. Many of you got your copy and have loved it.

since then, I have received a few dozen emails.

All praising the book and my effort, but at the same time, telling me that the people from the western world find it difficult to appreciate the concept of the Seven Chakras, since they are not something that you can actually see, touch or even feel.

well, not any more.

From Monday, I will be sending you one email each day for the next 7 days.

Each day, I will tell you in detail about one chakra, share with you actual experiences of my own clients and students.
And then I will give you two exercises to perform, pertaining to that day’s Chakra.

All you have to do is, open and read my mail, perform the exercises (it will take only 7-10 mins.) and then simply observe your own body throughout the day.

The positive changes that you will be witnessing and the new ways in which you react to your surroundings will be amazing.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Look out for my mail on Monday morning.

Till then, Happy Easter…

Stay Healthy,

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