Learning about the base chakra.

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The wall clock had struck 9am when my phone rang.

It was the last week of July and we had some rain
the previous night which made the atmosphere very pleasant.

I picked up the phone. It was Sunil on the other side.

His voice was a mixture of excitement and hope.
What had happened was, earlier that morning, he went
to a nearby temple.

The temple was of the Goddess Bhavani, a form of goddess
Shakti, worshiped widely in the western part of India.

After the usual worship and puja, he decided to sit there
in the sanctum of the temple for some time as it felt
very peaceful and calm.

He sat with his back against the wall of the temple.

Sitting there, he decided to practice a couple of Mudras
I had taught him, did Mantra chant while holding the
mudras and followed it with Root Chakra Meditation.

When his meditation was over, he slowly opened his eyes.

Then, he tried to get up…..But, he couldn’t move at all.

He felt as if roots from his Muladhar Chakra (Root Chakra),
had went deep into the ground and were holding him tight to the ground.

And the wall of the temple was holding his spine
back, like a powerful magnet.

He could also feel a movement of energy, through the wall,
into his body and then into the ground through the roots.

He couldn’t do anything so he just closed his eyes again,
and sat there for a few minutes.

In a couple of minutes, as it began, everything went back to
normal. He could now move.

He came out of the temple and was calling me from there…
Sunil had come to me around a week ago.

We had known each other for sometime now and he knew that
along with Ayurveda and Yoga I was also working in
the field of Mudra Vigyan and Chakra Chikitsa.

He told me that he felt like he was stuck in an unfulfilling
and unrewarding career.

He never felt like he had enough money when he actually
needed it.

He constantly doubted his own abilities and undermined

He lacked confidence and always had a pessimistic view
of the world.

And he was extremely indecisive, which again created
hurdles in his line of work.
It became clear that he had problems related to a weak
or blocked Root Chakra.

Lucky for him, I had just finished studying Chudamani Upanishad
and Yoga-Tattva Upanishad.

Both comment extensively about different vedic techniques
for Chakra healing and awakening.
I compiled a small manual for him, which taught him
how to use Mudras, Marma Bindu (nodal point),
dirgha Bija Mantra (long seed mantra) and Dhyana (meditation)
techniques for Root Chakra awakening.
I will tell you more about the various ancient
Vedic techniques for awakening your Chakras in a later email.
This email isn’t about that. we are just getting started.
Back to Sunil.

He had practiced the techniques regularly for a few days.

And Today he had this experience in the temple, which he
couldn’t make sense of.
So, what had actually happened?

In simple terms, this case involved two highly charged
objects; Sunil and the temple itself.
Places of worship where mantra chanting and praying
happens regularly can induce such a response.

Such places are perfect crucibles for energy infusion.

Sunil with his regular practice had activated
his Root Chakra energy center.

And now his sub-conscious self was aware of
the energy deficiency he had at his Muladhar (Root Chakra).

In the temple, there was an imbalance between
his energy level at his Muladhar and the energy of
the temple’s sanctum.

The energy of the sanctum simply passed through him,
Supplemented his energy at the Root Chakra and
achieved an equilibrium.

It was a healthy sign that his Root Chakra blockages were
clearing off and he was one step closer to awakening
the dormant energy of his Root Chakra.
I explained this to him and encouraged him to continue
the practice.
A few months later, I met a new Sunil.

A transformed one.

He had found a proper direction for his career and
he felt cherished at his new work.

He told me that now he felt very confident and
felt very good about himself.

That he now felt wanted and loved by his friends, family
and co-workers.

He now truly believed in his own potential to
change the world and make a difference.
Such a radical, positive change is possible with Chakra awakening.
Can you guess the exact moment when Sunil transformed
his life for better?

It isn’t about the ancient Vedic techniques I could teach.

It is not about me.
The moment his life transformed was the Moment he decided to ‘Take Action’.
When he decided to ‘Do Something’ about how he felt in his life.

If not me, then he would have found someone else.

might have taken him some more time, but he surely would
have changed his life, because, he wished to…
Watch this Ted-Ed video about Confidence building;

Physical effects of Root Chakra Imbalance and Weakness:

If your Root Chakra is closed, weak or out of balance, its physical repurcussions
will manifest as anxiety disorders, colon disorders, bladder diseases and lower back pain.

To quantify these effects for you, studies have shown, it costs $28,000 per year in medical expenses for a person suffering from colon disorders
whereas it costs around $8,000 per year for a person suffering from bladder disorders.
And, this will surprise you the most, in US alone total costs associated with Lower Back Pain disorders exceed $100 Billion per year.

Let’s get down to the Root Chakra exercises.
Exercise #1
Spine Swing

Sit down in a comfortable cross-legged position. (this is also called as Sukhasan)

Hold both your ankles with your hands.
Take a deep breath.
Bend forward while putting out your chest simultaneously, while holding in your breath.

As you exhale, swing back and move your spine backwards as much as you can.

Pay attention to it that your neck remains straight, during both the positions.

Repeat the movements and keep practicing for 3-4 minutes.
Exercise #2

Root Chakra Mudra

This Mudra is to be performed in a seating position.
Be seated comfortably in an upright posture and concentrate on your breathing to relax.
Join both the palms together like in the Indian salutation ‘Namaste’.
Then interlace and bend the Ring fingers and the Little fingers of both the hands (see to it that the fingers are folded inwards, within the palms).
Extend out the Middle fingers and join the tips of both the Middle fingers and press slightly.
Now join the tips of the Index fingers to the tips of the Thumbs, forming interlocking circles (Refer the image).
This Mudra is to be held in front of your pubic bone.

While you are doing this Mudra, simultaneously keep contracting your Perineal floor muscle (Refer the image).
(Don’t keep the muscle contracted but keep clenching and relaxing this muscle continuously)

Practice this Mudra for the next 5-7 min. all the while contracting and relaxing the said muscle
Using these exercises, we’ve stimulated your Root Chakra.

Now observe yourself throughout the day. observe how you react to various situations and how you deal with people around you.

Stay Healthy,
P.S.- If you have any doubts or need more clarity on anything or need help, feel free to reach out.

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