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Every town in India has a govt. run municipal

Such libraries are like a treasure chest, if you want
to learn about the ancient Vedic self-healing, Meditation and

There are sections where such books, many of them
published at the turn of the last century, lie,
undisturbed for decades.

But, many of the books are either written in Sanskrit or
in a native language.
I came across such a book, around a year ago.

The name of the book was,
‘Yogashashtra va Pranayama Chakra Sadhana’.

when traslated to english it means, ‘Chakra
Worship through Yoga and Pranayam’
(Pranayam = regulated/controlled breathing techniques)

The book was written by Yoga-Shashtri ‘Madhav Rele’,
first published in the year 1903.
The physical age of the book was evident by its condition,
but the quality of the book’s content and the way
it was written was simply amazing.

If I could create something only half as good as it, in my
entire life, I would consider myself fortunate.

In the book, the author recorded his own experiences with
Chakra Awakening, which he achieved using Yoga Asanas
and Pranayam followed by Dhyana-sadhana.
His Third-Eye Chakra (Adnya Chakra) experience was very
interesting in particular.

When he used to practice his dhyana-sadhana,
his body remained still, but,
his head moved.

His head moved along the horizontal plane,
tracing the number 8 pattern.

It was like tracing the infinity symbol in air.

In the book he calls it ‘avirata-parikrama’,
meaning “tracing the infinity loop”.

He further explains it by saying that;

“when the Chakra energy is called upon and tweaked
into awakening, it has to work its way through various
saturated emotions, accumulated stress and previously
felt fears which have built up, not only over the years,
but have been building up throughout many lives you’ve lived.

This is subtle Karma and when the energy pushes through
these hindrances, the physical implications would be your
body going through different postures and breathing patterns.

In my case the energy is active in the Adnya Chakra,
and my head is simply following,
the Pendulum-like movement of the Adnya Chakra itself.

When you follow the path to chakra awakening, your
chakra energy, on becoming active, causes certain
‘Kriya’ in your body. It is a perfectly natural phenomenon.”
When your Third-Eye Chakra is strong and Awakened,
you attain a focus of mind like no other.

You achieve clarity of thought in all and any situation.

It is said in scriptures that you attain inner as well
as cosmic knowledge.

Scriptures even speak of direct mind-to-mind
communication between two people on Awakening the
Third-Eye Chakra.

It develops in us the power of insight as well as

You have a vivid picture of where your life is headed.

you are able to make accurate decisions and
evaluations about your career, your family
and the intentions of other people.

You often know things without knowing exactly how
you know them.
May you attain the Peace and Serenity that arise
with the Awakening of your Third-Eye Chakra.

Physical effects of Third-Eye Chakra Imbalance and Weakness:

If your Third-Eye Chakra is closed, weak its physical effects
will manifest themselves as Brain disorders, malfunctioning of pituitary gland and Eye disorders.

Brain ailments which comprise of both physical illness as well as psychiatric illness cost the U.S society upward of $600 Billion annually.
Also, national institute of mental health (NIMH) estimates that about 1 in 4 American adults suffer from a mental disorder, with nearly 6% out of them suffer serious disablities as a result of the mental disorder.
Let’s get down to the Third-Eye Chakra exercise:

Locating the Third-Eye Chakra-

– Stand up straight.
– Place the Little finger of your dominant hand on your Navel.
– Stretch your hand and go one full hand measure upwards.
– Locate the point where the tip of your Thumb finger is touching. (This is where the Heart Chakra is located)
– Place your Little finger, at the point where your Thumb just touched, and again stretch your hand and go one full measure upwards.
– The point where your Thumb is now touching is the location of your Throat Chakra.
– Again, place your Little finger, at the point where your Thumb just touched, and again stretch your hand and go one full measure upwards.
– The point where your Thumb is now touching is the location of your Third-Eye Chakra. (Adnya Chakra)

This Mudra is extremely potent, so follow the instructions accurately.
Do not, I repeat, do not overdo this Mudra.
It is so powerful that I haven’t even mentioned it in my book ;
“Mudras for Awakening Chakras”. I am sharing it with my readers for the first time here.
Adnya Chakra Mudra
Sit down in a comfortable position.

Then curl down the middle, ring and little finger of your left hand.
Keep the index finger and thumb extended and straight.

Then cover the nails of your middle, ring and little finger using your thumb.

Now, grasp the extended index finger with your right hand, as shown in the image.
Using your right thumb, press slightly on the outer corner of the nail of the left index finger.

Once formed place this Mudra in your lap and then close your eyes.

Behind closed eyelids concentrate and look at the midpoint between your Eyebrows.
Many of you will immediately feel a buzz or a slight discomfort and pain at the location of the Third-Eye Chakra. It is perfectly normal and a good indicator that the mudra is working as it should.

Then after 2-3 minutes, bring the Mudra in-front of your forehead and then point the tip of your extended index finger at the midpoint between your eye brows, keeping it just a centimeter away.

Hold this position for 30-45 seconds only, not more than that.

Then again bring the mudra down to your lap.

Again after 2-3 minutes, bring it to your forehead and repeat the pointing step.

In total, hold the Mudra in your lap thrice, 2-3 minutes each time and point the Mudra at midpoint between your eyebrows thrice, 30-45 seconds each time.

(Do not share this technique with anyone, as someone not knowing
it fully, can easily overdo it.)

You will know how potent this Mudra is once you have performed it.

Stay Healthy,

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Till then…
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