Chakra follow up with Advait

First of all, let me thank you for all your emails, feedback and the excitement you’ve shown over the last 2 weeks.

I am excited that YOU’RE excited to learn and apply the different Chakra Awakening techniques I’ve covered, and I consider myself very fortunate that I can share more techniques with you all.
Let me ask you a question…

Do you feel like you are living the life you’re meant to live?

The first thing that comes to your mind is the right answer.

And for most of you, I know it is a resounding “NO!”.
If you are not living the life you’re meant to live, It means
only one thing….Either one or more of your Chakras are closed, blocked and weak.
When we want to keep your physical body in top shape, we eat healthy,
we keep ourselves properly hydrated, exercise and look after
the needs of our body.
But, do we treat our subtle body the same way?
That is where the ancient Vedic science of Chakra Awakening & Healing
comes in.

It holds the key to everything you have ever wanted in your life.

Ancient Indian mythology refers to Chakra science as ‘Kalpataru Vidya’
meaning, “the knowledge that fulfills your each and every wish”.

All you have to do is tap into the ancient Vedic wisdom of Chakra Awakening.

The Vedic scriptures, namely, Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda and Athrvaveda, along
with the various Upanishads (108 in number) talk extensively about Chakras and
various techniques to awaken them.
The various vedic techniques mentioned are;

>> Induction Mantras
>> Micro-Exercises
>> Pranayam Exercises
>> Yoga techniques for stimulation
>> Yoga techniques for awakening
>> Mudras
>> Meditation techniques
>> Colour stimulation (Rang Chikitsa)
>> Dirgha Bija Mantra
>> Supt Bija Mantra
>> Mantra Avahana technique
>> Marm-Bindu Chikitsa
>> Grounding techniques
>> Chakra balancing diet
>> Ratna Chikitsa
>> Gandha Chikitsa
Various ancient seers have used these techniques in peculiar
combinations to achieve miraculous results.

And, yours truly, has compiled the best and the most effective techniques
into a step-by-step video program/course.
Complete Chakra Awakening
“Awaken Your Chakras using lost techniques
taught in Ancient Vedic Scriptures.”
How can you enroll in the course?

Tomorrow (Monday, May 1), I am going to open up my first ever ‘Complete Chakra Awakening Course’ enrollment for my readers.

However, since I will be giving exclusive and undivided attention to every student, I am going to be limiting the number of students that can join the course to ensure that I have enough time for each student.

Also, as always I would be giving a huge discount to my readers.
Tomorrow morning I’ll be emailing you a link with more details and instructions on how to enroll.
Stay tuned,

P.S.- Take a piece of paper. Sit down at a quiet place.
Close your eyes and then think about how different you think your life would be, if your Chakras were awakened and balanced and then write it down.
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