Butterfly update !

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News from Butterfly Conservation View in browser   Forward to a friend Dear Nicky Autumn has arrived and brought greener grass, deeper morning dew and earlier sunsets. There may also be some fascinating butterflies and moths on their way if the winds and temperature align to help them reach the UK. Your garden can still […]

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This is a delightful book….I think everyone would love it….so why not give it a go ??                      

DIANA WORKSHOP with Georgina Sirret.Armstrong.Smith

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This great weekend linked with the previous Astrology Course with Georgina…..and the next one will take us on a journey to meet Vesta and the Vesta energy ….this is on the last weekend in  September….more details to folllw in due course. Diana..the huntress…was pretty good with a bow and arrows,and of course we had to experience […]


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This weekend saw the next workshop in Georginas Astrology followup workshops….looking at the goddesses Diana and Artemis ( yes they are one and the same )who are linked with the universe.We are all connected with it…as you know…and thus with  celestials as well….so we looked at the history and stories about these two and how they […]

Transits…yesterdays workshop.

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Yesterdays workshop “Looking at Transits” was given by Georgina Sirett Armstrong-Smith from Sunflower Healing .This followed on from the astrology course that she recently ran here….and we learnt how to apply the current days  planetry alignment…and I had a personal reading for the day which was very accurate . Georgina will be back in August […]


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This weekend a group of us gathered together to explore Psychoexpansion , which is a safe way of moving through time and space. The theme was persuing personal connections with Healing,both today and in the past….and the common theme that kept cropping up was the importance of the connectedness of all things…. It was a […]

hullo…..now read on…

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Facebook suggested that I post something new…..then told me to….then suggested ways of getting more attention…and then started telling me…1. I dont like being told 2.again and again  and then again 3. I will post when I WANT to….and its too hot anyway….so I am sharing some photos that I LIKE and hope you will […]

Next Minsterworth Workshop…on July 22…

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Just a reminder…this workshop will be using Psychexpansion which is a very safe way of moving through time and space…looking at the development of Healers and Healing.I have run these days for a number of years and was asked to do this one…it will be fun as well as interesting! 10/4pm,bring and share lunch,cost £30, […]


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